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NCORD Healthcare LLC, USA is one of the most efficient, competitive and accountable healthcare service providers in the world. At NCORD , we upload, store and preserve your health records for you, electronically. You can download your records anywhere, anytime. Your medical information is available to you and your healthcare service provider in normal and / or during medical emergency condition, which enables quicker and accurate diagnosis resulting ultimately in better medical care for you. eHealthCard is a cloud based innovative technology developed by us in compliance to latest American and International HITECH, HIPAA and HL7 guidelines. Security of your medical records is guaranteed.

Through our eHealthCard we connect you to a “LiveWire” of global healthcare services.


To provide globally calibrated electronic health card which will upload, preserve and retrieve your personal health record securely for you, anywhere, anytime.


To create a “LiveWire” that connects Doctors, Patients, Hospitals, Scientists, Research Institutes, Insurance providers, and every other health care industry players to bring in a sea-of-change to the current health care system.

eHealthCard Team

Neelesh Kanade
Mr. Neelesh Kanade
Deepak Shikarpur
Dr. Deepak Shikarpur
Nilesh Kandalgaonkar
Mr. Nilesh Kandalgaonkar
mukund chorghade
Dr. Mukund Chorghade
Joseph Antoun
Dr. Joseph Antoun
Brian Kennedy
Dr. Brian Kennedy
Raja Kamal
Dr. Raja Kamal
Rubar S. Sandi
Dr. Rubar S. Sandi
Khalil Parkar
Mr. Khalil Parkar
Stephen Goveia
Mr. Stephen Goveia
Franceso Ciccone
Mr. Franceso Ciccone
Peter Ciccone
Mr. Peter Ciccone
Mark Jaffe
Mr. Mark Jaffe
Mark Jaffe
Capt. Alok Prabhat
Senthil Thyagarajan
Dr. Senthil Thyagarajan